Nine Monthly Programs and Nine Newsletters

We're looking for a new place to meet.

If anyone has any suggestions as to a new place to meet, we would appreciate it very much if you could contact Linda Amiel Burns at 212-315-3500 immediately. Unfortunately, we have lost our home at Local 802 because the new president of the Musician's Union doesn't want any rooms rented on weekends.


We meet the second Saturday of each month from October through June.
The meetings take place at Local 802 - Musicians' Hall, 322 West 48th Street, NYC. Come early to get free music and CD's.

At 1:30 the Meeting is called to order by our President. Then at 1:45- the Pre-Show (NEW) and at 2:00pm the program begins.

Single Membership is only $60 per year. (9 great Programs and a monthly Newsletter).
Become a member Or, you may come to any of the programs as a guest for $15. ea. p/p.


Established in 1980, the American Popular Song Society is a New York based, not-for-profit social organization, dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the American Song Book, by providing a forum for discussion, education, performance, the encouragement of current songwriters to create new songs which extend the tradition, and the collection of classic sheet music and recordings.
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